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It was beautiful, but we weren't sure if it would become distracting after prolonged use or if it would make your wrist feel like it had been irradiated. We couldn't make a decision so we decided to cover both dials. Buonomassa says, "This was probably the most R&D that we've done for a limited edition 25-piece watch. It was also a lot of fun. After wearing both prototypes for a couple weeks, the "White Light", and the "Nuclear Option", he sent me both watches in Singapore. Then I wore both watches for a full month and we discussed our findings.

The Rolex Replica Watches Octo-Finissimo Chronograph GMT for Revolution & The Rake (Rolex Replica Watches). On the left, the Rolex Replica Watches Atomic Option with its more aggressively luminescent "Nuclear Option".

The Nuclear Option Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT is a cool and entertaining watch. It was incredibly entertaining to see this watch glow at full blast like an alien spacecraft. It can also be a bit distracting, because your wrist or you become the center of de ville replica watches When I first started at a dimly-lit sushi bar, I was surprised to see everyone's heads turn when I reached for the beer. I liked the dial, but I also had some reservations because I live in a time when a little discretion is advisable.

The "White Light Dial" has a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. In direct sunlight, it looks like a cool white dialed chronograph. I love all-white dial chronographs, also known as "Albino" or "all white", like the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy and the Mitukoshi. In direct sunlight, the Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT White Light appears to be a beautiful white dialed chronograph.

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