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First roger dubuis replica Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition, with the 18"' CHRO calibre of 1913

The 18"'' CHRO as it would have looked after it was removed from the vaults at roger dubuis replica's Museum

The watchmakers of roger dubuis replica's Atelier tourbillon have put the movements through a thorough refreshment process, addressing each individual example -- 105+ years later -- to restore their chronometric integrity.roger dubuis replica In this respect, a number of steps were taken: the wheels were assessed and refinished; the jewels replaced with new 21st-century ones, and their setting bores were adjusted and refinished.

roger dubuis replica's Atelier Tourbillon has given new life to the 18"' CHRO calibre, which was disassembled by roger dubuis replica's watchmakers in 1913.

The 18 18"'' CHRO movement has been decorated to make them look like the trophies that they should be. roger dubuis replica has even tested the movements to make sure they are accurate.

First roger dubuis replica Wrist-Chronograph Limited Editions will be delivered in a leather trunk with two additional leather straps. They also come with the necessary strap-changing tools and a travel bag.replica patek philippe aquanaut watches The price at the time of announcement was CHF 120,000.

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